More Than Me, Its About You.

I started this blog in September of 2006. A lot has changed since then. What started as a simple fun attempt to store my ideas in one place has matured into something that means more than just a blog to me. This blog has introduced and connected me to people who have become an integral part of my life and has brought me face to face with many interesting opportunities in my life. If you're reading this, you're one of the few people I share my ideas with and as much as I'd like to say that I write for myself, your viewership fuels and pushes me to write more frequently. Thanks for reading.

About Rajiv.


If you must know, Rajiv Popat is typical Sagittarius guy with an obsession for Technology, Fitness, Reading, Minimalism and Hacks for brain and life.

When he is not freaking people out and driving them nuts with his crazy ideas on fitness, a minimalistic life, brain / life hacking and putting technology to crazy uses, he is busy writing code and writing about people who write code.

Once in a while he also takes up really time consuming side projects, like writing a book.


Rajiv has some (stopped counting after 18) certifications of which most end with the letter "P" (MCP, OCP....) and some end with other random letters.

Rajiv spent the first two years of his professional life working as a trainer / developer and then thirteen years in a product company as a Principal Technology Officer where he spent his days building a financial product that dealt with, moved and managed ridiculous amount of money.

Now he works at a company that literally has ducks, turkeys, rabbits and squirrels on their campus and that gives as much attention to Happiness as they give to Software Development, where hidden somewhere under piles of paper in his filing cabinet is a deck of business cards which read "Program Director" (or something like that).


Rajiv has also been a frequent speaker at developer conferences like the local Microsoft community events and has organized events like TEDxCalcutta. He also does technical videos from time to time because that lets him indulge in the hilarious act of talking to himself on a microphone.

Rajiv is a frequent blogger and his blog features in sites like AllTop and DZone. When online Rajiv often goes by the handle thousandtyone.

Rajiv is a proponent of strong opinions weakly held, but has become much more pragmatic and much less judgmental with the passing of time, as would be evident from the contrast between some of the older articles written years ago and some of the more recent ones on this blog.

You can find more about Rajiv or his rather strange "logical" thoughts and adventures with technology and life by Googling him by his full name or his handle.

Oh, and sometimes, albeit rarely, Rajiv also indulges in the act of writing a really long winded first person introductions in the third person. What you read is just an example of that.